Samsung Electronics is committed to improving the global community & delivering groundbreaking innovations that enhance people’s everyday lives.

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Samsung wants lớn inspire the world & shape the future with transformative ideas and innovations, giving people the power lớn experience new opportunities and discover waves of technological revolutions. Very rapidly, we are redefining the worlds of smartphones, TVs, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, & memory, system LSI and LED solutions.

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Established in 1969, Samsung Electronics has grown into one of the world’s leading giải pháp công nghệ companies và continuously been recognized as one of the đứng top 10 global brands. Today, our global network has reached 325,000+ employees across 80+ countries.


Samsung Electronics entered Vietnam in 1996 and up khổng lồ date, there are more than 110,000+ employees & a total of $9.5 billion in investment capital. In addition, it has successfully developed an impressive global supply chain that consists of three manufactures across the country: SEV (Bac Ninh province), SEVT (Thai Nguyen City), and SEHC (Ho đưa ra Minh City). 

The company’s Sales & kinh doanh headquarter (SAVINA), however, locates at bitexco Financial Tower, 02 nhị Trieu St., District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City. This office is responsible for delivering a broad range of communication, sales, and marketing activities for Mobiles, TV và Audio, and home Appliances, ensuring Samsung’s leading position in the current market of Vietnam. 

Our philosophy is to lớn devote our talents & innovative technologies lớn create superior products and services that will enhance people’s everyday lives. In our pursuit of excellence, we are continuously looking for dynamic individuals. So become a part of Samsung today, unlock your potential & go far beyond your limits.