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Established in Vietnam in January 1995, Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd specialises in manufacturing và trading trang chủ appliance products, digital TVs, monitors… with manufacturing facility locating in Linh Trung, Thu Duc District, Ho chi Minh City. Through relentlessly offering best-in-class solutions of breakthrough technologies & innovative thiết kế as well as being an active social contributor, Samsung Vina is known as a trust-worthy và beloved name that has led the markets of TVs & monitors for many consecutive years. The success of Samsung has laid the basis for Samsung Vietnam Electronics (SEV), Samsung Vietnam Electronics thai Nguyen (SEVT) and Samsung HCMC CE Complex (SEHC), which make Samsung Electronics the largest FDI in Vietnam khổng lồ date.

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1. Treasury

Cash-flow: 30days rolling, Weekly DCF, yearlyArrange cash reasonable for fund transfer, time deposit if neededMatching bank statement between Bank và SAVINA bookFX hedging & FX transaction managementFollow-up payment status of all ngân hàng payment requestsPrepare và issue bank GuaranteeBank posting as banking charge, clearing bank….Treasury reportTreasury master data management on system & bank: open/closed bank account, Signatories authorize updating, open/close company credit card, …Communicate, follow , execute Regional Treasury Center requirementTreasury closing book by monthlyGo to the bank (if need).

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2. Vendor master data management

Requesting on system for creating new Vendor Code/ bank detail on GIP/ GFP by IBM staffFiling Vendor registration documentationControlling code as delete, block, updateTraining for IBM staff for executing vendor master data.

3. Others

Backup job for team memberPhysical checking Fix Asset/ Inventory by yearlyGo lớn Warehouse for scraping company property by monthly (if any)Tax/ internal /external Audit tư vấn ( if any).


Bachelor degree major in Accounting/Financial/ Banking.1 khổng lồ 2 years’ experience in Finance / Accounting/Auditing will be advantage.Results-oriented, và able khổng lồ work independently or in a teamCommitted và passionate towards the business.Strong initiative and follow throughHard working và carefulGood English communication

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