Editor’s note May 2016: The food at quan tiền Ut UT is so popular the guys have opened a second, much larger restaurant on the canal. We visited the other day and can report the food is equally as awesome, the selection of beers even better than before, and there’s now lots of room for large groups. (Although I’d still make a booking và ensure you get a seat)

With a name that translates khổng lồ something lượt thích “Oink, Oink Street Café”, there are no prizes for guessing what the specialty of the house is. Run by an Aussie and a Frenchman, who both have lived in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị for many years và with a new arrival from America (the Chef); this new Barbeque restaurant has quickly become a hit with locals và expats alike. Despite only being mở cửa since April 2014, they regularly have a line up lớn get in despite being able to lớn seat around 70 people. We planned our arrival early in the evening to avoid the dinner rush & were lucky enough lớn catch up with Tim, the Aussie part of the team over a couple of beers. He was able khổng lồ fill us in on a few of the secrets to lớn the chất lượng style and flavours that were on offer.

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The Barbeque is cooked right before your eyes

For starters, Mark, the partner from Chicago, just happens lớn be an expert in cooking BBQ’s Southern style. I thought we Aussies were serious about our barbies but apparently the Americans take that lớn a whole new level. His specialized knowledge blends the best in flavors and techniques from various US states, including Kansas và South Carolina to lớn produce a quality taste that is obviously popular with the local Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố crowd.

When the guys were trying khổng lồ find a source of wood for their on-premises meat smoking, they found the usual types just weren’t available in Ho chi Minh city or the rest of Vietnam. A local supplier provided them with samples of alternatives which they put through rigorous taste testing. After much trial và error, the eventual choice was cashew hulls for their pork products and dried sugar cane pulp for their chicken. Their selection was a good choice as the restaurant is now making over 150kg of bacon a week và are still having trouble keeping up with demand.


We were majorly impressed with the sample platter

All that talking about the food had us feeling a bit peckish, but had a bit of a problem. The ribs sounded fabulous as did the sausage, bacon, chicken, burgers & everything else on the menu. We really couldn’t decide on what to lớn order. Luckily they have a “sampler” on the menu. Pork ribs, smoked chicken, pork sausage, pork shoulder, okra & grilled corn on the cob, all on one platter. It cost 550 000 VND (around $27), but it was enough to feed the two of us. All of the main courses are large và aimed towards the Vietnamese custom of eating in groups and sharing from the centre of the table (except the burgers of course)


It fills up quickly after 7 pm

The food was with us in no time at all và was everything our little chat with Tim had promised. The pork ribs were melt-in-the-mouth, và the meat had been pulled off the bone for us already. The pork shoulder was a little drier, but there is a selection of fabulous sauces to lớn dip it in. Take your pick from Kansas Style BBQ, Carolina Gold Mustard, Smokin’ Honey & Charlie’s Chili, made by a friend of theirs. The sausage had a chất lượng flavor và is definitely in the gourmet category, and the chicken had a sweet, caramelized smoky flavor derived from the sugar cane pulp. If I had to be picky, I’d say the chicken was a little undercooked for my liking. But it was moist & flavorsome and tasted great. The grilled corn & okra topped off the meal perfectly & by the time we got through it all we were pretty full khổng lồ bursting.

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As we finished off the meal with our third beer each, the restaurant had started khổng lồ fill up as predicted. By 7 pm, most of the tables downstairs were full, & there were quite a few people upstairs. The staff didn’t appear phased at all & handled the crowd very efficiently. We watched as some of the other offerings came out to the tables & quickly decided we would be coming back again to sample the rest of the menu. Probably first on our các mục is the full rack of ribs. They were enormous và smelt divine.

Overall the sample platter & six local beers came khổng lồ 700 000 VND (~$33) which is a lot more than we’d usually pay for a meal. However, when you think about what we got for our money and what that would cost back home its pretty good value. We’ll certainly be suggesting it khổng lồ any visitors that come to see us while we’re here if they start tiring of Vietnamese food.

You can find quan tiền Ut Ut at 168 Vo Van Kiet, District 1. Their second site is at 60 Truong Sa, Binh Thanh


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I am from Texas but live in Vung Tau. I would like to visit you in sài gòn and talk about you providing me with sausage seasoning. TKS Richard

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