Job mô tả tìm kiếm for Deutsche bank Graduate Programme - Corporate bank Analyst (Vietnam) at PACT Limited

Deutsche bank is the leading German bank with strong European roots và a global network. We’re driving growth through our strong client franchise. Against a backdrop of increasing globalization in the world economy, Deutsche bank is very well-positioned, with significant regional diversification and substantial revenue streams from all the major regions of the world. We serve our clients’ real economic needs in commercial banking, investment banking, private banking & asset management. We are investing heavily in digital technologies, prioritizing long term success over short-term gains, và serving society with ambition và integrity. All this means a career packed with opportunities to grow & the chance to shape the future of our clients.

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From the day you join Deutsche Bank, you’ll be working as part of a global team that is transforming the world of banking. Our development programme offers extensive training, exposure lớn stimulating projects, & the opportunity khổng lồ gain the knowledge & skills you need khổng lồ provide innovative products and services to our clients. You’ll work alongside some of the industry’s đứng đầu minds & build a valuable network that will tư vấn you as you progress in your career. You’ll be given various opportunities to lớn not only have your opinions heard, but also get khổng lồ make an impact at our company & for our clients. If you have the drive lớn succeed in the fast-paced financial services industry, Deutsche ngân hàng is an exciting, supportive place for you khổng lồ begin your career.
The Corporate ngân hàng is a market leader in risk management for FX and Rates, cash management, lending, trade finance, trust và agency services as well as securities services.
Cash Management: Delivers a wide range of payment & cash management related products khổng lồ corporates & non-bank financial institutions.
Trade Finance & Lending: Covers the full range of corporate lending solutions and provides solutions related khổng lồ imports, exports or domestic trade transactions.

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Trust và Agency Services: Delivers a wide range of Agency và Fiduciary services to Capital Markets instruments and provides a full range of Depositary ngân hàng services to lớn global issuers, investors & brokers.
Our Coverage team manages Corporate Bank’s key client relationships across the full suite of Corporate and Investment ngân hàng products.
Your training starts with an invaluable induction that will give you a broad understanding of our business. Our senior leadership will nói qua their vision for Deutsche ngân hàng with you. After that, expect to benefit from four weeks or so of technical and soft skills training that is fast-paced & interactive. Then you'll work alongside, và learn from, exceptionally talented colleagues in a friendly, supportive culture where people are open and approachable. Working on our day-to-day business as well as on special projects, you will contribute lớn the innovation of new ideas to lớn help our clients achieve their financial goals. There’s a range of a work and clients that will enable you to make an early impact on what we vày best – generating inventive, effective solutions for our clients.
We recruit highly intelligent graduates who are ambitious and adaptable. They have degrees in many different disciplines. Even though good levels of numeracy are important for some roles, you won’t necessarily need a formal mathematical or financial background. We have very comprehensive training programmes that will give you all the technical knowledge you’ll need khổng lồ build a career with us. Above all, we’re looking for entrepreneurial people who thrive best in a diverse culture where innovation & agile thinking abound.
You should not only be passionate about the world of finance, but also show a keen interest in your chosen field. You already have a record of outstanding academic achievement and you’re eager khổng lồ go on learning at the same intensive rate. So you’ll thrive on working in a highly collaborative environment with some of the best minds in banking.