Vina One Steel always focuses on innovation khổng lồ increase our productivity by modernizing manufacturing facilities with the most up-to-date technology in order khổng lồ gain the best unique of products to lớn bring the most value và benefit to lớn customers.

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With the capacity of 1.200.000 tons per year at the moment, Vina One Steel is one of steel manufacturers with a variety of sản phẩm types including Pipes và Tubes, Coated Steel Sheet in Coils, Sections & Steel Bars.

Vina One Steel not only meets the specific demands of all projects, but also brings the sustainable values lớn customers, and partners with the motto: Your success - that is ours.


Was establishedin 2002. After many years of constantly preparing và developing, now we are one of leading steel manufacturers achieving the highest growth và stability in Vietnam.

With a strong desire in the innovation to lớn gain the best quality of products, Vina One Steel has invested in the most updated and hi-tech steel manufacturing equipment systems and apply them in production processes. Simultaneously, we combine many years of working experience of our technical experts who aretalentedand having depth training courses at overseas to lớn meet our customer’s specific needs.

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We can not denythe importance ofthe quality, atVina One Steel, we comply with the world-top technical standards such asJISof Japan,ASTMof America,TCVNof Vietnam và so on.

Recently, we have four main factories in trăng tròn hectares , they aresection and billet mill;pipe steel mill; galvanized and cold-rolled sheet mill; and Pre-paint Al-Zn Alloy Galvanized Steel Sheet mill with a total ofquantityis1.200.000tons per year.

With modern facilities, proactive and creative workforce, professional customer service, and efficient ERP management system, Vina One Steel was honorably awarded ISO 9001:2015 certificates issued by the International Bureau Veritas Organization; also ISO 14001:2015 certificates, and it is listed in the VNR 500 – which consists of đứng top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam.

Vina One Steel – The top choice for industries & constructions

Vina One Steel builds a closed-loop manufacturing process khổng lồ actively control the input raw material and output end-product. We manufacture a wide-range of products like pipe steel, section steel, bar, coil, etc. With many type of sizes, thicknesses, grades, và dimensions. It helps our customers has other alternative choices.

All the above have confirmed that Vina One Steel is certainly the superior, prestigious & most reliable steel brand.