C.I.S Vietnam Advertising và Exhibition Joint Stock Company (CIS Vietnam), founded in 2004, is the leading professional Exhibition, Fair and event organizer in Vietnam. Besides, CIS Vietnam is also a service provider for designing và constructing exhibition booths, architectural projects, market solution consulting, graphic design, etc.

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With the prestige as the leading exhibition organizer in Vietnam, along with professional and experienced staff, and close relationships with government agencies and international partners, CIS Vietnam has successfully organized, co-organized và managed numerous national and international shows in many fields.

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CIS Vietnam gives consultancy, provides, implements comprehensive solution packages for organization và management of exhibitions and fairs.
CIS kiến thiết is the first choice in Vietnam in designing and constructing exhibition booths, showrooms, interior/exterior decor, etc.
We provide services according khổng lồ customers demand when conducting business, participating in exhibitions in Vietnam

“Throughout many years with the opportunities to cooperate at large và prestigious exhibitions such as Vietnam Motor Show or Vietnam AutoExpo, CIS Vietnam is recognizable as a reliable, experienced partner that is well capable of organizing – operating, especially the ability khổng lồ control & handle crisis if any…”

Mr. Vo Thanh Tai – Head of Communication and Sales Department, mitsubishi Vietnam

“Vietnam AutoExpo is the most important Exhibition in automotive industry in Northern Vietnam, & plays an irreplaceable role for our clients. We definitely believe the Exhibition will perform its role well và bring practical results khổng lồ participants.”

Mr. Yi Bai Shui – Deputy General Director of CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (China)

“LSVINA has participated in Vietnam ETE for many years. In general, Vietnam ETE is the largest Exhibition in the industry, with numerous visitors and good quality. CIS Vietnam is really a reputable & professional exhibition organizer that always brings the best services and experiences lớn customers. At the Exhibition, we had the opportunities to meet a lot of potential partners. We will consider & continue supporting Vietnam ETE as it is an effective specialized forum.”

Mr. Dang Hong Phien – Head of Technical Development Department

LS-VINA Cable & System Joint Stock Company

“CIS Vietnam is a professional exhibition organizer giving quick support. We are very satisfied with the service quality that CIS provides for customers. Visitors are extremely diverse và potential. At VIMEXPO exhibition, we could introduce products and technologies lớn northern manufacturers.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh Phu – Head of marketing Department, Supporting Industry & Mechanical Division of THACO tự động hóa PARTS

“At VIMEXPO 2020 we connected, introduced & provided products for a variety of companies, creating new business opportunities in the current difficult time …”

Mr. Bui Minh nhì – Chairman of the Board of Directors – Hanoi Plastics Joint Stock Company