Welcome, Good Hunter. Dare you slip back into the dream and fight the nightmares within? If, lượt thích me, you’ve completed several New Game+ runs of Bloodborne, you may be sat twiddling your thumbs and asking yourself: Is Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC worth it? The trò chơi of the Year Edition of Bloodborne comes with the DLC already included, but if you got the miễn phí PS Plus version or just had the trò chơi already, you’ll need to lớn part with some cash if you want to explore more of Yharnam. The Old Hunters is normally priced at around £16, but it occasionally goes on sale for as little as just £8.

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I’ve written many guides on Bloodborne and know my way around the game lượt thích the back of my hand - not the Pthumerian labyrinths, because they change, but for the rest of the game, I’m your guy. I’m going lớn give you a spoiler-free breakdown of what’s included in the Old Hunters DLC, và whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned cash.


The Old Hunters DLC takes place in an even more nightmarish version of Yharnam. The Old Hunters themselves have buried their secrets, & it’s time for you to lớn unearth them. This DLC provides you with a snapshot of the fates of some of the more prominent hunters within Bloodborne’s lore. FromSoftware is known for cryptic storytelling, và The Old Hunters DLC is no different, but it does help lớn enrich the lore already present in the base game.

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Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in The Old Hunters DLC:

It takes place in several new locations It features five new bosses There are many new weapons, firearms, hunter tools, và armour sets to be found Possibly the hardest bosses in the entire game are located here It includes around eight hours of additional gameplay, depending on skill màn chơi

Overall, The Old Hunters DLC is fantastic value for money, adding some horrifying new bosses, incredible weapons, & fascinating lore. It’s a must-play DLC for any Bloodborne fans. It is incredibly difficult in places, however, so I’d advise you play through it on a fresh save, as opposed lớn going in via New Game+. If you don’t want to grind all the way back up lớn a decent level, just go lớn the cum dungeon (seriously, that’s what it’s called) and use a handy exploit found there to màn chơi up quickly.


As with all FromSoftware DLC, accessing The Old Hunters is almost as challenging as the bosses themselves. The Old Hunters DLC is just as cryptic as the DLC that came before. Khổng lồ start it, you first need to beat Vicar Amelia. This will advance the state of the world into night time. Once you’ve done this, the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter will appear in the Hunter’s Dream, on the steps where you originally got your weapons. Pick it up and head khổng lồ Oedon’s Chapel in the Cathedral Ward. From here, you need to go outside khổng lồ where a Lesser Amygdala can pick you up. Let it grab you with its weird, spindly arms và you’ll be transported into the world of The Old Hunters DLC.

So, is the DLC worth it? 100 percent. It doesn’t change the formula, it just adds more of what makes Bloodborne great: incredible bosses, atmospheric levels, & rich lore. There are some amazing weapons that you can use in later playthroughs và in PvP, so you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t get this. Even if you don’t care about PvP at all, the DLC is worth it for the great chơi game alone, as well as the saddest trùm cuối fight in the trò chơi - seriously, it’s a real tear-jerker.